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Ross Kimmel's butt
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To prove my mother wrong: Reblog this if you’re under 21.


Yall gotta stop complaining about being sent home for yalls clothing choices, this ain’t fashion runway it’s school. So act like it, yall act like you have to “hide ur body so boys don’t have a distraction” well ur all wrong. You need to dress appropriately to school because that’s what you have to do in the real world. You can’t show up to a business meeting in some dumb sleeping with sirens tank top and some maroon shorts you got from hot topic, no. The SAME as guys can’t sag their pants or wear cut offs either. So stop acting like y’all should be treated special cause of your gender. And this is coming from a girl. So next time think about your choices cause your whole childhood leads to your future.



I almost forgot my briefcase!

it contains important lab results

Black n white/Tattoo/Sex/Girls/Guys/Vintage 

Black n white/Tattoo/Sex/Girls/Guys/Vintage

I used to think nothing tasted better than Orca in the spring, until now.


None of yall Pete and Patrick blogs never talk about Andy, like I just walked past his house today

8.30.14-Toledo, OH [x]